My Atoll & My Fight For Life

Caroline Olsen My Life

November 23rd, 2011

My island, a tiny piece of land, lost in the vast waters of the Indian Ocean;
where one world ends and another begins…
A place out of the ordinary, that I discovered in 1987 and that has since become my home and my strength.
The magic of the deep blue has given me that infinite strength to fight for life.
To face all the battles for the life I have inherited, despite myself.
My daughter’s life and then my own…

For all these years, my island and the deep blue that surrounds it have been my charging dock, my strength and my hope.

One day, that hope was shattered by… Léo Apotheker, the businessman.
Involuntarily, certainly, but shattered nonetheless.
Acting blindly, by force of habit, without considering the consequences.

Without any regrets on his part, despite the time passing by, this has become a journey beyond the borders of humanity.
Which also says a great deal about the quality of his immediate surroundings and its negative and destructive influence.
Beyond the borders of humanity… the permanent residence of Léo Apotheker, the man?
I would truly like to believe otherwise…

You know, I do not feel resentful toward Léo.
I do however, resent you deeply for having been accomplices in this endeavor.
The few exceptions will recognize themselves.

One man cannot destroy lives, nor humanity, nor the world, on his own.

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Fake Leo Apotheker

November 5th, 2011

Leo Apotheker | My Life
Photographer: Tony Avelar/Bloomberg

Fake Leo Apotheker?
Yes, that’s you.
As you allow the world to see you.

Stop being who you were and become who you are. -Paulo Coelho

Your relationship with yourself is your main weakness,
and that in itself determines your relationship with others…

The way you see yourself will determine how people see you. -Paulo Coelho

Fake goals, fake friends, fake family, fake life…
Just about fake everything.
But true dreams. Dreams cannot be fake.

My challenge is to make the book, your life story, true…
It will be one of the few true things in your life.

As for my fake audience…
I do not care about you.
You already know where the door is.
Believers, however, are always welcome.

Arrogantly yours; once again,

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The Invention of Lying

Photo Iain John Morrison

November 4th, 2011


I have been rethinking the conversation that we had a year ago, on the first Saturday of October; and your words,

Caroline, when I tell you that I don’t know, it means that I don’t know.

No, when you tell me, “Caroline, when I tell you that I don’t know, it means that I don’t know,” it means you cannot look at your own reflection in the mirror, or simply, that you’re lying…
You know it as well as I do.

Le mensonge n’est pas destiné à être cru, il est destiné à éviter la vérité. -René Villemure

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