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September 18th, 2013

Leo Apotheker My Life

English translation

Tomorrow est le titre final de mon aventure littéraire.

Tomorrow est mon rêve.
Un monde meilleur.

Un rêveur est celui qui ne trouve son chemin qu’au clair de lune et qui, comme punition, aperçoit l’aurore avant les autres hommes.
-Oscar Wilde

Ce Tomorrow, je voudrais le dédier à ma fille.
Je t’aime de tout mon coeur !

J’ai lu un livre…
Un livre bien triste.
Une longue histoire.
L’histoire d’une guerre qui change de forme, qui s’installe dans le temps et qui détruit tout sur son passage.

Le titre de ce livre ?
Léo Apotheker | My Life, l’histoire de vie de Léo Apotheker, une vie sans amour.
L’auteur ?
Léo Apotheker, en collaboration avec son passé
L’éditeur ?
Ce livre n’a jamais été publié…
Comment peut-on lire un livre qui n’a pas été publié ? On peut. Avec le cœur. L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux.
Nombre de pages ?
Je n’ai pas réussi à les compter… (more…)

I Have a Dream

September 18, 2013

The Respect Garden
The Respect Garden

Version en français

Tomorrow is the final title of my literary adventure.

Tomorrow is my dream…
Of a better world.

A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.
–Oscar Wilde

I would like to dedicate this Tomorrow to my daughter.
I love you with all my heart.

I read a book.
A very sorrowful book.
A lengthy story.
The story of a form-changing war, one that settles in time and destroys everything in its path.

The title of this book?
Leo Apotheker | My Life, the story of Leo Apotheker’s journey; a life without love.
The author?
Leo Apotheker, in collaboration with his past.
The publisher?
This book has never been published…
How can one read an unpublished book? You can – with your heart. That which is essential is invisible to the eye.
Number of pages?
So many!

As I turned the pages, I jotted down some notes. For my own reflection, as well as your inspiration. This story is convoluted and confusing. So confusing in fact, that you got lost in it.
There were moments where I got lost, too. I am only human.
Some of my notes reflect my state of mind at those particular moments, which in turn rendered the story more perplexing for you.

These rough drafts represent some 200 pages… They are yours, there on the site.
You found your way and you settled in.
Thank you for coming. Thank you for staying.

My intention was to provide you with even more pages and pages to read through. Pages bound together.
A translation of sorts, for the average Joe, of the story of an extraordinary man. The man who could have left behind an exceptional legacy for future generations. He could have done so, had he not grown up in a world of hate.

There are missed encounters, and those who happen by coincidence…
One summer evening I met someone… Let’s call him Blue Lizard.
We spent hours and hours talking.
This encounter rewrote the end of my project.
On that August evening, coincidentally on the same day as the birthday of Jessica Apotheker, Leo’s daughter.

Blue Lizard asked me, “Caroline, are you certain you wish to add another book to the shelves of book stores, a slowly disappearing commodity? These volumes that pile up in stacks, that no one takes the time to read anymore…”

Jacques crossed my mind at that point. Jacques could have changed Leo Apotheker’s fate. If only Leo Apotheker hadn’t cancelled that meeting.
A question Jacques once asked has been lingering in my mind for a long time: “Caroline, what is the final message you wish to convey?”

The final, closing message is… Tomorrow.
One cannot change the past; however, one can create the future. Different. Better. Human.
Tomorrow is something to act on, not to read about…

I needed those two years…
To initiate, with valuable contributions from Jacques, René, and some of you, encounters of tomorrow at Greatness Square.

Greatness Square…
How does one get there? By passing through the Respect Garden.
Jacques will show you the way. At dusk, René Villemure will light the lanterns.
It will be a gathering for those who have the courage and charisma to take on shaping the future.

See you… tomorrow!

I hear a whisper in my ear: “You forgot about Leo Apotheker.”
No, not at all.
The decision is his to make. Either to join us at Greatness Square, or to be buried on Failure Lane.

There are several roads that lead to Greatness Square. You could walk across Success Avenue or go down Yellow Brick Road, but you cannot get there without passing through the Respect Garden.
You might pick a rose for me there. I love roses; they remind me of my grandmother. I am who I am thanks to her.

Happy Birthday, Léo!
Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Thank you all and see you at Greatness Square! As of tomorrow.
I am counting on you!

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Yes?… Did I forget something?
Plattner and the others? Those in Little Mind Park
, Wannabe Circle
, Short Sight Alley
 and Failure Lane?
René will guide them.
Perhaps we’ll see them one day, walking up the steps of Greatness Square. What a marvelous victory that would be. The victory of the good. My dream come true.

One more thing… One more time for those in the Mental Midget Corner who took a shortcut to strip down the story, my daughter is not Leo’s daughter.

Opening Night

September 17th, 2013

Herbert Heitmann

Please welcome… Herbert Heitmann, in a leading role.

Time always tells the truth.
Leo Apotheker is not an angel. This is true, however he is not the real villain.
The world has condemned the businessman instead of helping the man underneath grow.
To condemn is not an act of greatness.

Hasso… ?!

Who is Herbert?
You may find an explanation within the conversation below.

Dear Caroline,
Thanks for involving and informing me. I don’t know how much you know about me, but I want to make sure, we are on the same page. My relationship with Léo went through quite some ups and downs and is actually at a low-point. Years ago, I urged Hasso and Henning to promote Léo to become a full board member after they just promoted the freshly acquired Shai Agassi into such a position because I had high respect for that man and his intellect and ability to deliver. A little less than two years ago, I worked with Hasso and some members if the supervisory board to get rid of him, because we discovered that his business ethics are best described by: “don’t get caught” and “I hate to lose” and we did catch him. He tried to destroy me and my professional life and I don’t want him ever in a position to be able to do this to me or anyone else.
If I still can be of any value, I am happy to contribute that!?
Best regards
Herbert (May 17th, 2011)

Hi Herbert,
I have not heard from you since my last email in January.
This makes me sad; however I can understand.
Following a great number of enquiries, I have just published Beyond the Silence (or Everything You Need to Know).
Thanks for your time.
Caroline (April 18th, 2012)

Hi Caroline,
I am very sorry!
There is only one reason for my “silence” and that’s my long list of issues I have to deal with in my day-job and the extreme amount of travel.
I know that I suggested a face-to-face meeting between the two of us in first instance but am happy to do a call given my unavailability for such a meeting.
However, if you happen to be around in Europe, I promise to work hard to find a slot for a meeting anytime soon.
Best regards
Herbert (April 18th, 2012)

Dear Herbert,
I apologize, I “disappeared”.
Things are extremely difficult right now.
I will get back to you as soon as I am in the right mindset to talk.
Thank you for your understanding.
Kind regards,
Caroline (May 10th, 2012)

This message was high priority
Hi Herbert,
I hope you are fine.
Is there any chance we can talk before Sunday?
It is very important to me.
Thanks a lot.
Caroline (June 15th, 2012)

Hi Caroline,
Yes, absolutely.
I am flying to Rome tomorrow night and am now in The Hague.
When is a good time?
Best regards
Herbert (June 15th, 2012)

Anytime. Please let me now when it is convenient to you. I will manage according to your preferences.
I am still in North America (9 hours time difference, but this is not really important; I live by night anyway); under the protection of my country diplomatic services.
Caroline (June 15th, 2012)

Hi Herbert,
I guess you changed your mind…
I had only one question. My daughter life depends on that.
Do you have kids?
A year ago you wrote: “He tried to destroy me and my professional life and I don’t want him ever in a position to be able to do this to me or anyone else.”
In May 2012, I sent a message to the Swiss Diplomatic Services: “A year and a half later… We have been out on the streets since May; there is nothing left.”
My daughter is everything to me…
Thanks anyway.
Caroline (June 18th, 2012)

Dear Caroline,
I have four kids and your messages scares me like hell.
Am on my way to Nice and will call you after lunch, when your day starts.
Otherwise please use my private cell.
Talk to you soon
Herbert (June 19th, 2012)

9 months later
I suggest we keep our conversations among us!
And I honestly don’t need lectures on courage.
Apotheker potentially would still sit in the SAP CEO seat if I hadn’t had the courage to prevent that.
And with regards to your daughter, you never gave me her contacts. So please be fair.
Best regards
Herbert (March 16th, 2013)

The story turned into a murder case.
You clearly refused to help…
If you have a daughter, look at her and think about it.
Sorry, but facing the death, I will not hide anything.
Caroline (March 18th, 2013)

I have three daughters. Your messages remain cryptic to me. When we talked on the phone in June, I asked to to provide me with your daughter’s contact details and/or to introduce me to her (*), but I didn’t receive anything. You can’t call this “refuse”.
Best regards
Herbert (March 18th, 2013)
(*) This is not true. See below.

No, you said that you need some time to think about it and that you will let me know if you are willing to do so…
I told you that this was extremely urgent because of the Embassy deadline.
You never called me back…
Even to ask “How are you?”
10 month later?
Silence kills.
The situation cannot be repaired anymore.
You have a chance to have 3 daughters. I have (had) the only one… A lot of time ago, I spent several years in hospital hallways, fighting for my daughter’s life (more in Beyond the Silence)…
You will find me, next week, somewhere in this world, not so far from the Swiss Government, sitting on the street, in a very public place with “SAP Criminal Minds” and “Stop stalking” message.
I will stop eating AND drinking and taking my medicines (the treatment impossible to interrupt).
This will give me a max 72 hours to live.
This nightmare should stop. Now.
I will win. Alive or dead.
Apotheker is a piece of crap but Plattner is another one…
“Just remember… You always have a choice.” Signed Clea (from Clea to Leo)
Caroline (April 18th, 2013)

Herbert… You said…

I don’t need lectures on courage…

Yet you have everything to learn…
You got lost inside Little Mind Park.
… Happy Birthday, Herbert!
In a few hours, I will say… “Happy Birthday, Léo”

Dear Audience, see you after midnight!

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