Reykjavik, Iceland
May 16th, 2016

Norway, Oslo 2014
Norway, Oslo Autumn 2014

Hello everyone,

Somewhat against my will, I have become a Designer of Tomorrow. A different, better, human tomorrow.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all of the people who have helped me and continue to do so.
Through the crowdfunding campaign and all the support that followed and preceded the campaign.

A very heartfelt thank you to someone special who showed me the way, and lit up a long dark tunnel to guide me through it.

Asylum request in Iceland
Reykjavik, Iceland 2015/2016

For those of you who got lost along the way or who have doubts, the first page of my asylum request in Iceland, below; a chapter that has been ongoing since January 2015.


Asylum in Iceland

It has been brought to my attention that some people have received very negative emails from me – or rather, from someone pretending to be me, as I did not send them. This is a deliberate action against me, to cause conflict and drive people away. If you know me and you have received such a message, you should be able to sense if something doesn’t sound quite right. The only way to resolve any doubts is to speak with me directly.

I may not be the easiest to reach these days, but perseverance is key. If one way to contact me doesn’t work, please try another.

If you have been threatened – told to stay away from me, or else something bad will happen to me – I am asking you not to be afraid and not to acknowledge these threats.

Every day I am fighting to build a better future for all of you. Thank you to everyone who is accompanying me through this journey.

Thank you! Merci ! Takk fyrir!

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Secret Battle For Planet Earth
Reykjavik, Iceland
Spring 2016

Leo Apotheker 2016
Léo Apotheker


Leo Apotheker

“ce n’est pas moi”

Un mensonge…
Parmi tant d’autres.

Leo Apotheker

un usurpateur… ?

Avant c’était Fisher, sauf qu’il a écrit “j’ai été mandaté par Léo Apotheker”
Et maintenant c’est qui “l’usurpateur”… ?

Tu ne peux plus me faire du mal, maintenant.
Déjà, parce que j’ai enfin compris, en automne dernier, ce que j’ai cherché à comprendre, depuis toutes ces années.
Ensuite parce que je sais maintenant que tu vas payer pour tout le mal que tu as fait.
Puis parce que je sais que mes anges gardiens sont plus forts que les forces du mal.

Tu ne parles pas islandais…
Il va falloir que tu te débrouilles.
Les faits, les dates. Ma demande d’asile.
C’était il y a plus d’un an…


Arrête de me courir après.
Tu te fais plus de mal à toi que tu en fais à moi.
La bataille en cours pour sauver notre planète ne te laissera aucune chance.

On dit “Jamais 2 sans 3”
La première porte qui s’est refermée derrière toi c’était celle de SAP,
la deuxième celle de HP,
la troisième ce sera celle de… la Terre.

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May 2nd, 2016