Reykjavik, Iceland
May 16th, 2016

Norway, Oslo 2014
Norway, Oslo Autumn 2014

Hello everyone,

Somewhat against my will, I have become a Designer of Tomorrow. A different, better, human tomorrow.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all of the people who have helped me and continue to do so.
Through the crowdfunding campaign and all the support that followed and preceded the campaign.

A very heartfelt thank you to someone special who showed me the way, and lit up a long dark tunnel to guide me through it.

Asylum request in Iceland
Reykjavik, Iceland 2015/2016

For those of you who got lost along the way or who have doubts, the first page of my asylum request in Iceland, below; a chapter that has been ongoing since January 2015.


Asylum in Iceland

It has been brought to my attention that some people have received very negative emails from me – or rather, from someone pretending to be me, as I did not send them. This is a deliberate action against me, to cause conflict and drive people away. If you know me and you have received such a message, you should be able to sense if something doesn’t sound quite right. The only way to resolve any doubts is to speak with me directly.

I may not be the easiest to reach these days, but perseverance is key. If one way to contact me doesn’t work, please try another.

If you have been threatened – told to stay away from me, or else something bad will happen to me – I am asking you not to be afraid and not to acknowledge these threats.

Every day I am fighting to build a better future for all of you. Thank you to everyone who is accompanying me through this journey.

Thank you! Merci ! Takk fyrir!

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Caroline Olsen

Contrary to what some might believe, I do not belong to the “whistleblower” category.

Do you remember Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio? A cricket in the role of Pinocchio’s official conscience.
The global economy runs on SAP.
I was, for many years, the Jiminy Cricket to Léo Apotheker, the man who created the SAP empire. It was a one-man show, a performance; but not a noble one.
I was Léo’s conscience. The conscience who tried to guide him in the right direction. Sadly, I failed.

Contrairement à ce que certains peuvent penser, je ne suis pas un whistleblower.

Vous souvenez-vous de Jiminy Cricket dans Pinocchio ? Un grillon dans le rôle de la conscience de Pinocchio.
L’économie mondiale tourne sur SAP.
J’ai été, pendant des années, Jiminy Cricket de Léo Apotheker, l’homme qui a créé l’empire SAP. C’était un one-man show. Une performance, certes mais pas noble.
J’ai été sa conscience. La conscience qui a essayé de le ramener sur le droit chemin et qui a échoué.

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English translation below

Avec du retard,
Caroline à Léo Apotheker

11 octobre 2015

Caroline Olsen Blog
Léo Apotheker, former CEO of SAP; the man who created the SAP Empire.

Un Khazar…

Ça alors !
Si ma grand-mère m’avait dit qu’un jour j’allais me trouver en tête à tête avec un Khazar, j’aurais pris cela pour un conte pour enfants…

Le mauvais homme…

Mais comment me refaire
Comment revenir en arrière
Rentrer dans le ventre de ma mère
Et refaire mon entrée chez les hommes
Où je ne suis qu’un mauvais homme
Qui n’a rien fait de bien en somme
Qu’on effacerait d’un coup de gomme

Cela n’aurait absolument rien changé…
Tu serais né en bébé Khazar, encore une fois…
Mais ça, je ne le savais pas quand j’ai écrit Le mauvais homme.

C’est quoi un Khazar ?
Avez-vous séché vos cours d’histoire ? Non.
L’histoire des Khazars, tenue cachée, n’a pas été enseignée.
Pour la même raison, le livre Leo Apotheker | My Life n’a pas le droit d’exister.

800 AD – The Ultimatum is delivered by Russia and other surrounding nations. The Khazarian king was given a choice between Islam, Christianity and Judaism. The Khazarian king chose Judaism, and promised to stay within the requirements laid out by the surrounding confederacy of nations led by the Russian czar. Despite his agreement and promise, the Khazarian king and his inner circle of oligarchs kept practicing…

A ceux qui ont l’intention de chercher à creuser l’histoire des Khazars – pour commencer, apprenez à ne pas confondre les Sémites et les Khazars.

Léo, je ne sais vraiment pas ce que je peux te souhaiter pour ton anniversaire cette année…
Une partie de ce que j’ai écrit, depuis tout ce temps, reste toujours juste. Une partie est à réécrire. Le temps a parlé.
Une chose est devenue claire : si tu n’étais pas né, le monde se porterait mieux…

Non, non, ne commence pas ! Je ne suis ni antisémite, ni anti-Khazar.
Je suis juste anti-evil. Peu importe son origine et sa religion.
Tomorrow est mon rêve. Un monde meilleur. Mais ça, tu le sais déjà.

Casey Newton… mon nouveau rôle (?), après celui de Harry Potter
“I think she can fix it.” (the world)
I will try…

Je prends le risque de finir comme John F. Kennedy ?
A nos dieux et nos anges gardiens respectifs, mon vieux !
J’ai finalement compris pourquoi tu caches tes enfants et tes petits enfants…
Puis, j’ai enfin compris d’où vient ta cruauté.

Après un Masters en Economie, j’ai dû faire un PhD en Politique…
Ce n’était pas prévu mais tu ne m’as pas laissé le choix.

Non, ce n’est pas une revanche. Ce sentiment/comportement m’est totalement étranger.
La vie se charge de la justice et elle le fait bien. Même si parfois elle a besoin du temps.

Pietro de Rothschild
The Bilingual Montessori School of Paris

C’est quoi cette photo ? Paris, dans les années 90.
Pietro de Rothschild…
Assis, au premier rang, 2ème en partant de la gauche.
La classe de ma fille.

Tu comprends tu ça ? J’en suis certaine. C’est peut-être bien cela ton cadeau d’anniversaire.

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Cela va loin, très loin, trop loin…
La messagerie de Rudolf Knoblauch, l’ambassadeur suisse en Norvège, a été piratée…
Non, ce n’est pas lui qui a écrit :



from French into English

With some delay,
From Caroline to Léo Apotheker

October 11, 2015

Caroline Olsen Blog
Léo Apotheker, former CEO of SAP; the man who created the SAP Empire.

A Khazar…

Well well!

If my grandmother had told me that one day I would find myself face to face with a Khazar, I would have thought it was a children’s tale.

Le mauvais homme…

But how to recreate myself
How to go backwards
Return into my mother’s womb
And remake my entrance into mankind
Where I am but a wrongful man
Who has done no good after all

This would have not changed anything…
You would have been born Khazar, once again.
Something I was unaware of when I wrote Le mauvais homme.

What is a Khazar?
Did you skip history class? No.
The history of Khazars has remained hidden, and has not been taught.
This is why the book Leo Apotheker | My Life is not allowed to exist.

800 AD – The Ultimatum is delivered by Russia and other surrounding nations. The Khazarian king was given a choice between Islam, Christianity and Judaism. The Khazarian king chose Judaism, and promised to stay within the requirements laid out by the surrounding confederacy of nations led by the Russian czar. Despite his agreement and promise, the Khazarian king and his inner circle of oligarchs kept practicing…

To those who intend to research the history of Khazars: for starters, learn the difference between Khazars and Semites.

Léo, I do not really know what I can wish you this year for your birthday…
A part of what I have written, all this time, remains right. The rest needs rewriting – time has spoken.
One thing has become clear: if you had not been born, the world would be a better place.

No, no, don’t you start! I am neither anti-Semite, not anti-Khazar.
I am simply anti-evil. No matter its roots or its religion.
Tomorrow is my dream. A better world. But you knew that already.

Tomorrowland… 2015
Casey Newton… my new role, after that of Harry Potter.
“I think she can fix it.” (the world)
I will certainly try.

Am I risking ending up like John F. Kennedy?
To each his own respective gods and guardian angels, buddy!
Eventually, I understood why you hide your children and grandchildren.
And I finally understand where your cruelty comes from.

After a Masters in Economics, I had to take a PhD in Politics.
It wasn’t planned, but you didn’t leave me another choice.

No, this is not revenge. The latter is a feeling/behaviour I am not familiar with.
Life takes care of justice, and does so quite well. Even though it takes time sometimes.

Pietro de Rothschild
The Bilingual Montessori School of Paris

What’s this photo? Paris, sometime in the nineties.
Pietro de Rothschild…
Sitting in the first row, second from the left.
My daughter’s class.
You’ll understand, certainly. Perhaps this is in fact your birthday gift.

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Time for “Losers Dream”

SAP CEO Accident

Bill McDermott Accident

August 10, 2015

How are you…?

An accident?
Are you walking in the footsteps of Carsten Schloter? Or Waldbaum‘s?

SAP representatives declined to say…

At least they understand that lies are no longer an option.

“In good condition…”
“Expected to make a full recovery…”

Remember when you told me, “keep an eye on us“?
After “Winners dream”, it’s time for “Losers Dream”.

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September 17, 2015

Bill McDermott by Bloomberg…

“McDermott, 54, fell down stairs in the night while carrying a water glass…”
No, he didn’t.

They definitely do not understand that lies are no longer an option.

“It became clear last week…” when Der Spiegel started to publish the truth.


June 30, 2015


That fourth chair is for me…
I am working on Citizenfour Part 2.
Stay where you are! Your guardian angel brought you to Russia and he was right.
I have seen it for myself: too many of the countries that may seem like a solution are in fact a big part of the problem.
Germany… France… Switzerland… Norway…

Anything to say? Yes!
Anything to say? Yes!

French Justice Minister Christiane Taubira thinks National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange might be allowed to settle in France.

Madame Taubira…
N’y pensez même pas…
Thomas Waldbaum, le citoyen américain, a disparu en France, en octobre 2014…
William Bourdon était son avocat.
La France est totalement hors la loi, Madame la Ministre de la Justice.

A ceux qui me connaissent…
Attachez vos ceintures pour ne pas tomber de votre chaise.
Cliquez ici pour afficher le document

Leo Apotheker My Life

De ma part…
En plus, avec préméditation…
Entre le 25 septembre 2009 et le 2 juin 2014…
Le document ci-dessus fait un grand écart avec ceci (juin 2010) :

Leo Apotheker Juin 2010

ou encore cela (août 2010) :

Leo Apotheker aout 2010

Je ne sais pas si Léo Apotheker a couché avec Madame la Juge d’Instruction ou/et il l’a payé pour qu’elle accepte de suivre ses divagations du moment. Madame la Ministre de la Justice, de la République Bananière France, nous le dira, après l’investigation.

Leo Apotheker | My Life

L’avocat français de Edward Snowden, “l’honorable” William Bourdon a écrit “no legal basis”.
Avant qu’on l’invite à se taire et avant que le dossier des fraudes SAP d’une valeur de 60 milliards de dollars, se trouve volé de son étude parisienne, en octobre dernier, par le chasseur Lionel Bieder. Un chasseur qui chasse ce qu’il veut, quand il veut.
SAP Confidential vous aidera à comprendre.
C’est étonnant que William Bourdon a encore le droit d’exercer…

Revenons au document ci-dessus.
Oui, j’ai promis une baffe à Léo Apotheker, si jamais le mot “antisémite”, derrière lequel il aime se cacher, sortait de sa bouche, en ma présence. Je n’ai pas eu l’occasion. De toute façon il n’aurait pas osé. Moi, non plus, d’ailleurs.
Je l’ai invité à Oslo mais il n’a pas eu le courage de venir. La paix lui fait peur.

Vous souvenez-vous de Jiminy Cricket dans Pinocchio ? Un grillon dans le rôle de la conscience de Pinocchio.
Eh bien, j’ai été, pendant des années, Jiminy Cricket de Léo Apotheker. Sa conscience…
Je suis sincèrement désolée de ne pas avoir été capable d’entrainer son incapacité de travail (ses actions frauduleuses)…

Leo Apotheker | My Life

Madame Taubira…
Expliquez à Madame la Juge d’Instruction pourquoi je n’ai pas pu accepter son “invitation”. Un demandeur d’asile ne peut pas se déplacer. Tout comme Ed Snowden. Ed aurait bien aimé faire un petit saut à Oslo ou ailleurs. Niet.

Si vous cherchez à savoir pourquoi Apotheker magouille à Paris alors qu’il s’est installé à Londres, Stéphane Veuthey, le policier suisse, très ordinaire, de Vevey, vous l’expliquera.
Il est très à l’aise dans le sujet de la fuite fiscale de Léo Apotheker.
Bizarre de la part d’un policier étranger d’un tout petit commissariat ? Nooooooooooooooon.

Leo Apotheker | My Life

Ce policier de la “campagne” suisse a été supposé représenter la police suisse, au lieu de la famille Apotheker, sauf que c’était pas mal une initiative personnelle… La preuve, à peine deux semaines après la parution de SAP Confidential. Rien à voir avec la police suisse :

Leo Apotheker | My Life

Qu’est-ce qui se passe au juste dans la tête de Léo Apotheker ?
J’ai failli vous l’expliquer… dans le livre…
Sauf que ce livre lui a fait trop peur.
A tort.
Depuis, Bill McLoser a sorti le sien… Winners dream.

Quoi maintenant ?
Vous allez découvrir la suite prochainement.
Il s’est passé plein de choses depuis janvier dernier…

Je vais bien.
A tout bientôt.
Ailleurs, sur la toile.

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Exceptionnel ??

Wegger Strømmen - Political Director of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Wegger Strømmen – Political Director of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ne me demandez plus où sont passés les médias suisses. Ils sont en copie.
Vous avez le droit de demander qui leur a imposé le silence.

Emin Huseynov Suisse

Le cas de l’Azerbaïdjanais réfugié à Berne est “exceptionnel”

Didier Burkhalter DFAE
Didier Burkhalter

Excerpt from SAP Confidential:

October 2014: Another attempt at an amicable settlement with Léo Apotheker. The last thing I want is war, so it’s worth another try. In vain.

Tuesday, October 14: Current SAP CEO Bill McDermott’s book, Winners Dream, is released. That same day, the wife and son of Thomas Waldbaum – the lawyer who discovered the truth about SAP’s practices – are assaulted in France, just days before another meeting between Thomas and Lionel with lawyer William Bourdon. Lionel notifies the French and Norwegian police. Håvard Lunde has therefore been informed twice; once through me and again through Lionel.
Following the assault of his family, Thomas disappears.
The four hundred pages of evidence against SAP are now in the hands of William Bourdon.
Lionel and I have lost all contact with Thomas.

Friday, October 17: Lionel finds himself alone in William Bourdon’s office. Thomas did not show up. Still no news from him.
Lionel, seemingly determined to eradicate SAP (and the French authorities linked to his part of the case), steals the confidential files that Thomas entrusted to William Bourdon from the latter’s very own office. These files are worth more than SAP’s market value. Needless to say, there are copies of these invaluable files.
Yes, there is enough material to make a film.

What follows is a series of strange events:
William Bourdon does not seem at all phased by the disappearance of fundamental evidence from his notorious law firm.
He continues his collaboration with Lionel, fully aware of the latter having stolen documents from his office.
He does not seem worried about his missing client, Thomas Waldbaum, whom the stolen files belonged to. He suddenly has no intention of coming to Oslo to speak with me in person, nor simply to speak with me on the phone.
He shares confidential information about me (resulting from his exchanges with Emmanuel Pierrat) with Lionel without my consent.
He clearly has no intention of helping me anymore.
The only document issued by Mr. Bourdon concerning my case lacks accuracy, due to lack of communication.
The interference of Bourdon and Bieder in my affairs with the Norwegian authorities has a strange, sudden and negative impact on my relationship with Håvard Lunde.
In September, Mr. Lunde was professional, considerate, available 24/7 (even on weekends), making sure my daughter and I were ok. We were in frequent contact, both in person and by phone. He even offered his own home as a place to stay, should we need it.
In October, after Bourdon and Bieder have stepped in, Mr. Lunde suddenly refuses to talk to me. He claims that, following a meeting with his boss, he no longer wishes to be associated with the case.

November 2014: Due to the events in October, the progress in our legal journey in Norway is considerably slower. People start coming together to support my daughter and I in this lengthy and costly process.

I remember Lionel mentioning, back in September, that William Bourdon had thought of a different Norwegian lawyer to collaborate with. Early in November, I asked him for the contact details of this lawyer. Surprisingly, I receive this information two weeks later (let’s not forget that this is an emergency situation).
The lawyer in question, Harald Stabell, answers immediately. My daughter and I meet with him the next day.
The meeting ends on an astounding note. Mr. Stabell acknowledges that we have “tried absolutely everything”, and the only choice we have left is to die.
I send an e-mail to William Bourdon. Silence.

Late in November, I get acquainted with Stéphanie Gibaud, UBS France whistleblower. She tells me that she just hired a new lawyer: William Bourdon.
In an attempt to help me, she puts me in touch with Gerard Ryle, an investigative journalist leading the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIIJ) headquarters staff in Washington D.C., as well as overseeing the consortium’s over 160 member journalists in over 60 countries.
Mr. Ryle and I speak on the phone. He is in the US and travelling to Europe soon, but unable make a stop in Oslo. I on the other hand am unable to meet him in Brussels. Lionel goes on my behalf.
It turns out that Mr. Ryle is a friend of Mr. Bourdon…

December 2014: Since mid-November, I have made several attempts to move the case forward with William Bourdon. In vain. Surprising reaction for a notorious lawyer.

After his meeting with Lionel in Brussels, I have not heard from Gerard Ryle. He had met with William Bourdon in Paris a few days later.
Since early December, Stéphanie Gibaud has ceased to respond to my messages. At the end of November I had informed William Bourdon of my acquaintance with Stéphanie.
Oddly enough, all roads crossing William Bourdon’s office lead to dead ends. Time always tells.

As for Lionel, since the day he took those files from Bourdon’s office, he cares only for himself, for his own case, in his own way.

The icing on the cake?
In mid-December, my conversations with Mr. Bourdon, Thomas and Lionel mysteriously disappear from my smartphone and computer. Someone is trying to hide their tracks. Except that I am one step ahead; I backed everything up in advance. It is not just Thomas’s files – the ultimate threat to the SAP empire – that exist in multiple copies.

There are highly compensated lawyers protecting SAP’s crimes, complicit police officers, and governments trapped in conflicts of interest. But this conspiracy is doomed to fail, because humanity is not yet completely lost.

What’s the next step?
You will find out in due time.

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The Sound of Silence

Leo Apotheker January 2015

April 27, 2015

At this point, nothing and no one will silence me. No matter how hard you try.
The only way to keep me quiet would be to give me my life back, instead of trying to eliminate me at all costs.

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SAP Criminal Minds

There are highly compensated lawyers protecting SAP’s crimes,
complicit police officers,
and governments trapped in conflicts of interest.
But this conspiracy is doomed to fail,
because humanity is not yet completely lost.